marInspired; the storytellers, brought tears to our eyes and acceptance into our lives with their ground breaking same-sex contemporary duo on NBC World of Dance. Dancers Wyatt Rocker and Charles Fournier of marInspired took to the stage in season 2 with one mission: to break down barriers and shatter stereotypes through dance. And that is exactly what they did.

Being a rather unorthodox duo, the team was “shocked” when they found out they’d be on NBC World of Dance. “While we hoped the producers would be open to our message and accept how different we were, we didn’t think the network would approve us. We were so grateful for the way everyone embraced us and all we stood for.”

Those fears of not being accepted were quickly diminished when the two received a standing ovation from Jennifer Lopez for their first performance, “Issues.”

While the couple didn’t make it past The Cut, Wyatt and Charles did make history “as the first same sex kiss in a dance on network TV” during their final performance, a moment that was looked back on as one of their favorites while on the show.

The most special moment however, was when we got everyone on the lot and on set to wear orange ribbons in honor of Jaime Guttenberg. Jaime was a student of [our choreographer]  Marinda’s and was killed in the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, the week we filmed Duels.” 

After leaving the show, marInspired’s message of acceptance continued to grow stronger. The duo was chosen as the 2018 Models of Pride and were given the chance to perform for the largest LGBTQ youth conference in the world. They were also featured on this most recent season of Tosh.0, and as a “nod to J Lo,” they were the “Tosh.Flo Boys.”

While the two have now parted ways as a duo in order for Wyatt to pursue his degree in Nursing and for Charles to work on a German TV show with Helene Fischer, their message of acceptance will forever live on in our hearts.

“Be the black sheep, be the unicorn, be the misfit, be the dark horse. When you are authentically you, you create a lane uncharted that no one else can travel.” 

To help support the organizations that “marInspired; the storytellers” stand for, visit the Los Angeles LGBTQ Center or Orange Ribbons for JamieWant to see World of Dance in your hometown? Check to see where the Championship Series is headed next.