Mathieu Forget x Justin Aharoni

I met Justin Aharoni during a photowalk in New York City. I immediately connected with his energy and vibe, and we went on to shoot together a couple of days later. After getting to know him and seeing his work, I was really excited about collaborating with him.

Originally from Chicago, Justin has been in NYC for 25 years, with short stops in Israel and Los Angeles along the way. With no traditional schooling, he started his career in technology as a network security and wireless admin.

From Justin:

“Photography came as a passion to deliver the world in a digestible format. Photos allow me to freeze the craziness around me and capture a singular story. Street photography has been my interest from day 1, as no one person will ever happen across the same scene. Having the ability to capture what I see and deliver an image/set of images that transport the viewer to a place and time is something special.

I approach my work, personal or commissioned, through the eyes of a reader. I like to take people on a visual story of the subject I’m working with, be it a landscape, a portrait series, a product or an event.

Working with Mat gives me another dimension to add to my photos. He moves and flows seamlessly through a scene. Being able to integrate his talent of dance and blend it with the world around him makes a scene that much more dynamic. It doesn’t hurt that Mat is personable and loves to interact with the people who watch in awe, sometimes incorporating them into the scene.”

Thanks Justin for your kind words 😉

After we shot the first time, I knew I wanted to work with again. This time mixing his style with mine even more. As a result, we ended up asking random people in the streets to pose with us, creating visuals mixing every day life with dance! All the shots above that include other people are 100% organic and improvised on the spot.

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