Mathieu Forget x satanssj

I met Swapnil Junjare through a mutual friend I met at the #WeLevitate x Sony Alpha meetup with Erick Hercules.

After seeing his work I was really intrigued and excited about how we were going to create levitation photos together knowing he was mainly a portrait and landscape photographer.

Multiple back and forth later, we finally agreed to meet on a Friday… at 6:45 am lol!

Despite not knowing how I was able to get out of bed this early, our session was really smooth and fun. We talked a lot about our creative ideas and backgrounds. Swapnil is one of India’s biggest influencers/photographers who moved to NYC in 2016. His work is very rich in colors, is powerful yet sensitive, and from my experience, shot at the speed of the light! No wonder why he’s worked with brands like Ford, Nike, Vespa, Paypal, Puma, and more…

In a nutshell, we were stopped 2 times by security officers, almost got hit by bikers, walked over 5 miles, changed in front of random strangers and all of this in less than 3 hrs 🙂

Hope you enjoy this installment #WeLevitate series!

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