Mathieu Forget x World of Dance

Hey all,

Nice to meet you all and so excited to be a part of World of Dance!

My name is Mathieu Forget and I am a dancer / actor and designer from Paris. Since a very young age I’ve always had a passion for entertaining people and performing for my friends and family, but it wasn’t until I was 16yrs old, after watching the movie You Got Served that I fell in love with street dancing. Since that day I’ve experimented in hip hop, breakdance, locking, popping, experimental, contemporary, and gymnastics and literally caught the dancing bug. I later went to college in Santa Barbara, then moved to LA to pursue full-time dancing and acting. After my visa expired I moved back to Paris until I was offered a creative position in a company based in NYC. I’ve now been in this city for the past 4 years, signed with Bloc Agency and have been loving every single moment!

NYC has been the city that has offered me the most opportunities as an entrepreneur, dancer, actor and human being in general. During my time here, Instagram has became a platform were I can express myself, as well as a tool for me to start collaborating with other creative people.

One of my many amazing encounters was meeting Erick Hercules and later on joining the #WeLevitate team. From the first day we met, we immediately shot some photos together and it just clicked! Many workshops and shoots later, we have now decided to join forces with WOD to share our combined passions. Our goal is to establish strong connections between dancers and photographers all around the world and inspire artists of any kind to reach out and collaborate!

Enjoy this gallery from our latest shoot in NYC and feel free to follow our journey at @welevitate, @forgetmat & @erickhercules!

More to come…