Archetype is ready to hit the stage at them 2018 World of Dance Championship Week.  In the future, the UK-based crew create pieces long enough to be a part of the performance lineup at their Archetype show.

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World of Dance asks Archetype About Their Journey to Championship Week

WOD: Can you give us a little background about the crew? How long have you been together and how did you meet?

Archetype: We are a street dance crew from London, UK. We have been together for 4 years, since the Summer of 2014. Initially formed of university friends, we have since grown to 20 members from all walks of life.

WOD: What are you feeling going the Championships?

Archetype: We are incredibly excited to be performing at the World of Dance Championships – what we’d consider to be one of the most prestigious platforms for dance today. We’re looking forward to being inspired by all of the countries taking part. For most of our members, it will be our first time in Los Angeles, so we’re eager to explore the world’s creative capital.

WOD: What is your favorite part of competing in World of Dance?

Archetype: We’ve competed at World of Dance UK three times, and we love it as it has a buzz and atmosphere like no other. We also love to get inspired at the competition as everybody always brings their best to the table!

WOD: What part of your dance, choreography, or performance are you most proud of?

Archetype: We pride ourselves on our ability to push boundaries and present our emotional intention in a way that draws audiences in – bringing them with us on the journey. We feel most accomplished when we hear that we have successfully communicated a feeling or triggered an emotive response from the audience.

WOD: What exciting things will you be doing/focusing on in the next year?

Archetype: We will be focusing on developing and challenging our artistry by creating longer pieces that we can perform on larger platforms in London and across Europe. We also will be looking to create our own show.

WOD: Why do you think dance is important to the world?

Archetype: We think dance is important to the world as it can inspire unity, collaboration, creativity, expression and a healthy lifestyle!

WOD: What’s your favorite part about being a crew?

Archetype: In terms of performance, our favorite thing about being a crew is the opportunity we have to share our energy and bring together our individual stories to create unified movement that also reflects us as individuals. Also, we are all great friends so we enjoy rehearsals as we get to hang out among great company!

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