Even though they have only been working together for a year and a half, Avery and Marcus have developed a strong bond of trust, which they need since their routines are full of risky lifts. They were paired together by balletRED’s artistic director, Josie Walsh, as they are both daredevils looking to push ballet to the limit on the stage. Avery’s strong ballet technique on pointe and Marcus’ athleticism on the dance floor make for a dynamic combination.

Avery & Marcus from NBC World of Dance

  • Hometown: San Clemente, CA & Scottsdale, AZ
  • Members: 2
  • Ages: 13 & 17
  • Style: Contemporary & Ballet
  • Division: Junior

Find them on social media: @averygayofficial / @marcus.sarjeant / @averyandmarcusofficial / @ballet_red

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