Dance 4 Your Life is a youth crew from Atlanta, GA who focuses on the story-telling aspect of dance. This team is looking to fight negativity by influencing children around the world to express themselves through dance.

Find them on social media: @dance4yolife

World of Dance’s Interview with Dance 4 Your Life

WOD: Can you give us a little background about the crew: how long have you been together/how did you meet?

Dance 4 Your Life: We are Dance 4 Your Life. Also known as D4YL. We are the hottest hip hop dance team in Atlanta, GA. Our ages range from 8-18. We have been dancing together for 4 years. We all met from previous studios and decided to create our own team of underdogs to inspire other young dancers who may be overlooked. We are humble, focused, and killing the game.

WOD: What are you feeling going the Championships?

Dance 4 Your Life: We are super excited, anxious, and ready to hit the championship stage. It’s an honor.

WOD: What is your favorite part of competing in World of Dance?

Dance 4 Your Life: Our favorite part of competing in the World of Dance championships is being able to witness all of the greatness that dance crews all over the world have been working on.

WOD: What part of your dance, choreography, or performance are you most proud of?

Dance 4 Your Life: We are most proud of our intro and our transitions. We also have a story line, which will give the judges something different to watch.

WOD: What exciting things will you be doing/focusing on in the next year?

Dance 4 Your Life: Next year we plan on entering new hip hop competitions such as, Hip Hop internationals and body rock junior.

WOD: Why do you think dance is important to the world?

Dance 4 Your Life: Dance is important to the world because it gives people an outlet. You never know what someone is going through, so Dance creates it own world where you can be whoever you want to be. When dancing, you can also make people in the audience happy who have had a bad day. With everything going on in the world, school shootings, suicide, depression, these kids need dance to stay positive and fight for something that matters.

WOD: What’s your favorite part about being a crew?

Dance 4 Your Life: Our favorite part of being a crew is that we are a family. We all come from different backgrounds, but when we come together we look like well oiled machine. Everyone working together to achieve one common goal, to win that trophy!

WOD: Anything else you’d like to add?

Dance 4 Your Life:

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