Meet Elevāted, the twenty member hip-hop crew from Cleveland, OH. Their high energy routines and fusion of styles made them fan favorites at World of Dance Michigan 2019. Check out their performance below and read on to find out more about this crew.

Member Names: Alani Jones, Alexia Rodriguez, Alexis Baines, Anabel Abdallah, Ariana King, De’Sean Boddie, Eva Anderson, Emily Feng, Irmalys Candelario, Janelle Mason, Jasmine Halitzka, Lindsay Depenti, Lauren Helton, Marquise Williams, Michael Smart, Michaela Warmington, Oliver Traben, Rose Lesak, Trinity Tyler, Lauryn Brown

Social Media: @elevatedcrew

How long have you been a dance crew?

We’ve been together for six years

What style do you perform? Why did you choose this style?

Primarily hip-hop, but we like to fuse others styles and add a hip hop spin to it. We chose that style due to the common interest in it from dancers and directors.

Does this style of dance have a special meaning?

Yes! It is the style that best allows all dancers to express themselves- aggressively to more passively.

What have been some of your biggest accomplishments as a team?

1st place WOD Finals 2018 Pasadena, 2nd Place WOD Finals 2019, voted best hip hop dance crew 2017 and 2018 in Cleveland, Oh.

What kind of music do you enjoy practicing/performing to?

Hip Hip, Neo-Soul, Dub-step, trap remixes, and R&B.

How often do you practice?

3 times a week.

Does anyone on your team have a secret talent?

No, but they all are the coolest nerds, secretly…

What are your future goals as a team?

To further our brand, nationally and internationally then attend and win VIBE! Be compensated for our passion. Collaborate with sports brands to fuse dance, fashion and arts with athletics. Share our pas-sion for dance and the ELEVĀTED principles and values in schools. Franchise!

Anything else you would like our readers to know?

ELEVĀTED means to rise above doubt! Rise above the obstacles in front and pursue that next level that you’re des- tined to be on…Coming from the midwest, the obstacles are there but we(the ELEVĀTED family (ELEVĀTED, LEVITĀTED & Rise Co.) RISE every time. #BLESSED 

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