Flipz has been a part of the World of Dance community for more than a decade, participating in some of our first-ever events. We got the opportunity to learn about his journey, his successes, and his favorite WOD moments! 

WOD: Can you share how you first heard about World of Dance?

Flipz: Bboy Friction invited me to the event, but it was also being talked about a lot in the dance industry. He encouraged me to bring my crew and give it a shot! I was really curious to see the event and all the different dance groups it would unite and bring together all under one roof.  

WOD: You were one of our very first winners, what was that performance like, and what do you remember most about it?

Flipz: There were SO many people there! We all came out to have a good time, not really thinking about how far we鈥檇 go.  It was a mixture of Skill Methodz & friends who joined forces and we ended up calling ourselves the 鈥淓ndangered Species鈥 for the official competition.

We felt so blessed and privileged to be there, and to actually go all the way and win was an amazing experience all around! I remember in between battles going to the booths both buying and picking up swag, it was so cool to see it all under one roof. 

Check out some of Flipz’s favorite WOD Moments: 

2015 performance with Shorty, Morris, Bebo, and Flex

Guest appearance with The Production in Las Vegas in 2015

Of course, his favorite moment was winning the finals in London in 2009! 

WOD: What does WOD mean to you and your career?

Flipz: To me WOD means exactly that, a world OF dance and FOR dance. A place where dancers and people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and styles can come under one rood and share, unite, exchange, and express themselves!

In my career, WOD has provided an incredible platform and numerous amazing opportunities for me to be abel to share, teach, and reach such a broad audience from all over the world in the past decade, and it鈥檚 special because WOD provides a face and hands on experience with your fans and audience! That type of connection is priceless!

WOD: Why do you think dance is important/relevant to our world today?

Flipz: I think dance is extremely important and relevant to our world today because dance is a universal language that is able to break all boundaries and penetrate all barriers of cultures, races, religions, and politics. Since the beginning of time, dance has helped shape ideas, thoughts, and feeling though artistic motion and movement, using the vehicle of music and sound to reach and connect humans all over the world (at times simultaneously like with flash mobs, and dance challenges). Dance also helps fuel trends and helps shape and mold our world today through the hip hop culture, music industry, entertainment, and films worldwide.

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