O-Mega Crew qualified for the 2018 World of Dance Championship Week at WOD Rome 2018. This high-energy crew is most excited about sharing their passion with dancers from around the world. World of Dance will be the largest competitions that the crew has competed at together.

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World of Dance asks O-Mega Crew About Their Journey to Championship Week

WOD: Can you give us a little background about the crew? How long have you been
together and how did you meet?

O-Mega Crew: O-Mega Crew, is a very young crew who competes together since this year (January
2018). It is usually composed by 27 dancers aged from 10 to 18 years old who study
urban dance in Fiumicino (Rome) at Stratos – Sport & Dance Studio. Our teacher and
choreographer is Antonio Buonavoglia and he decided to create this mega-crew!

WOD: What are you feeling going the Championships?

O-Mega Crew: Incredibly excited!!!! Most of us never compete in such a big competition (for example some of the little children) and therefore we are all very excited to travel to USA, to
admire all the fantastic dancers that will compete in this wonderful event, and to show
our style to everybody, it will be amazing!!!!

WOD: What is your favorite part of competing in World of Dance?

O-Mega Crew: For sure the freedom to express our dance style!

WOD: What part of your dance, choreography, or performance are you most proud of?

O-Mega Crew: There is no specific part, we are proud of each single moment of our routine!

WOD: What exciting things will you be doing/focusing on in the next year?

O-Mega Crew: Our focus next year will be growing more and more in our performances and trying to compete always at high level. Our aim will be dance, dance and dance!!

WOD:  Why do you think dance is important to the world?

O-Mega Crew: Dance is something that unites the whole world, and this kind of competition shows this feeling. It’s amazing to see how many people in the world share the same passion. In
dance there is no colors, no religions, no discrimination, that’s why it’s so important!!!

WOD: What’s your favorite part about being a crew?

O-Mega Crew: Being a crew means share everything! We share our days, we share our free time, we
share our passion, we share joy and sadness, we share success and defeats…in a
few words… we share our life! We learn a lot from each other and we became a big
family…we are ALPHA FAMILY!!!!

WOD: Anything else you’d like to add?

O-Mega Crew: We just want to say that we are incredibly happy to compete in the WOD Finals, this is huge result for our crew at his first experience and we will give it all to make a fantastic
performance to show everybody that we deserved to be here. Looking forward to be part
of this event!!

The WOD Finals are now the World Championships where qualifiers from around the world compete. The Championships are just part of the 2018 World of Dance Championship Week, celebrating 10 years of World of Dance. Get all the details here. World of Dance is your destination for exclusive interviews, up-to-date news, and all things dance. Keep up with all the latest news on This Is WOD.