World of Dance DX is proud to present artist and choreographer, Rudy Abreu to the DX season 1 education team. The contemporary dance guru has taken the dance scene by storm after appearing on multiple dance television shows and live tours. Currently, he for NBC World of Dance Judge and Executive Producer, Jennifer Lopez at her Planet Hollywood attraction show in Las Vegas.

In an interview with World of Dance DX, Rudy discussed his excitement for the first season of our convention and commented that DX is a big opportunity for rising dancers. The choreographer enjoys being able to connect with dancing youth and influence them with his passion for dance.

Rudy Abreu Answered Questions About Teaching at World of Dance DX

WOD: What are you most looking forward to at WOD DX?

Rudy: I am most looking forward to sharing my passion for dance with the next generation of dancers. I always love getting new artists and learning more about their language.

WOD: What do you think will set DX apart from other conventions?

Rudy: I think DX will separate itself from other conventions because its offering a whole new experience for dancers who look to become dancers in the television and commercial world.

WOD: Why do you think people should attend?

Rudy: I think people should attend WOD DX because its going to be a game changing experience and a eye opener for lots of dancers.


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