Unified Movement went all out at the WOD Panama 2018 regional. The team took 2nd place in the extremely competitive team division. We cannot wait to see what they have prepared for our  World of Dance championship competition.

World of Dance asks Unified Movement About Their Journey to Championship Week

WOD: Can you give us a little background about the crew? How long have you been together and how did you meet?

Unified Movement: The crew was created about a year ago. It was put together with dancers from different crews, dancers that had the will and the motivation to push themselves to their limit and always give their absolute best. This crew get together for big projects such as, WOD Panama qualifiers in which we qualified for the finals in LA this summer. Other projects came to us after WOD such as a TV show in Canada, guest performance to motivate the youth  and some other contracts

Our goal is to reach as far as we can as individuals, as a group, and as human beings. We love projects, challenges, and motivating the new generation that in life, anything is possible if you put the work. That the level of accomplishment is at the level of work.

WOD: What are you feeling going the Championships?

Unified Movement: We feel very excited! We are so proud of what we have accomplished so far and we can’t wait to show  world of dance what we have! We (the dancers) are all kind of living a dream knowing that we are going to go to Los Angeles to compete against the best dancers in the world! We can wait to share the stage

WOD: What is your favorite part of competing in World of Dance?

Unified Movement: Our favorite parts about competing in World Of Dance is the diversity of dancers. We see so much styles that all differs to one another. It’s not, only hip hop or, only contemporary. It’s a competition that regroup all the best dancers from all different dance styles, background and countries and that’s what make it unique in it’s way!

WOD: What part of your dance, choreography, or performance are you most proud of?

Unified Movement: The part we are most proud of in our choreography is the many different styles that we are able to show in one routine, that proves that we are versatile and that we master different techniques.

WOD: What exciting things will you be doing/focusing on in the next year?

Unified Movement: We don’t know yet. Last year was filled of projects here and there from September and we are closing this big adventure with the WOD finals. When we come back to Canada, we will take some time to go back in the lab and train and see what life have for us.

WOD: Why do you think dance is important to the world?

Unified Movement: We think that dance is important to the world because it’s a sign of peace and respect. More specifically in hip hop, which was created to lower gang violence. Dance is also an art and a philosopher once said: Without art, life would make no sense. It is an art that involves more than just our hands or voice, it uses all of our body the spread a message. In dance we often say 1 love 1 passion which means no color, no difference ,and we are all part of the same family. The world family.

Also,  having a passion. Its kind of having school of life for the youth.

It trains them to be respectful, punctual, hard working, to have goals, to reach for their goals, to manage more than 1 thing ( school, practices, traveling, home maintenance )… all things that will help them growing up as an adult.

WOD: What’s your favorite part about being a crew?

Unified Movement: The best part about being a crew is that we live everything together. We are a family that holds everybody tight and we’ll never let go. We are so much more than just friends and dance partners, we are a family and life partners. We go through so much together and we’re always there to help each other. Being a crew means being stronger than ever, looking after others and wanting others to evolve and get better in everything just like dancing.

The WOD Finals are now the World Championships where qualifiers from around the world compete. The Championships are just part of the 2018 World of Dance Championship Week, celebrating 10 years of World of Dance. Get all the details here. World of Dance is your destination for exclusive interviews, up-to-date news, and all things dance. Keep up with all the latest news on This Is WOD.