Generacion Del Ragga has been a dance company in Cali, Columbia for almost 17 years.  They haven’t hit the World of Dance stage yet, but are working their way towards their goal of competing against the best acts in the world.

With a unique style derived from their local cultures, they are definitely a group to look out for on the international stage!  We had the opportunity to learn about Generacion Del Ragga’s style, culture, and history.  Check out our interview with crew leader George Rioss:

WOD: What is your crew’s name? Who is your leader?

GEORGE: Our group is called Modern Dance Company Generacion Del Ragga.  I am George Rioss: Dancer, choreographer, and cultural manager.

WOD: When did you form your crew?

GEORGE: Our group was created on November 27, 2002 by two colleagues who decided to look for spaces to express themselves.  I’ve been with the crew for almost 13 years, 8 of which I have been a company director.


WOD: What styles does your crew perform?

GEORGE: Raggamuffin fused with dancehall and salsa rhythm of the Colombian Pacific that creates a different style of hip-hop.

WOD: What makes you different then other groups?

GEORGE: Our movements are strong, our appearance, and our hair.  Our music has an unusual sound.



WOD: Why are you interested in competing at World of Dance?

GEORGE: Competition is important.  We have participated in competitions near Cali, but we want to make our community proud by participating in World of Dance.  For us, it generates emotion, impact, and the desire to fight for our dreams.

WOD: What is your mission?

GEORGE: Our mission is to encourage recognition and assertive communication, as well as using the correct terms used in Cali, Colombia.  We focus on implementing tools of communication and coexistence, thus strengthening the youth and adults through choreography.  We use this dance as a tool for tolerance and conflict resolution.


WOD: George, where are you from, and when did you begin dancing?

GEORGE:  I am Calino, which means I was born in Cali, Colombia, and my parents are of Chocoano descent.  My colleagues are from other cultures, and we unite when dancing.  In the Eastern zone of Cali, we dance salsa, Reggae, and Raggamuffin.

WOD: Where do you see your crew in the future?

George: I would love to travel around the world to bring art and music to every corner of the world with a tour to generate employment for my dancers.

Follow Generacion Del Ragga’s journey on social media:

Instagram: @generaciondelragga_ @georgerioss

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