The WOD Manila Upper Division was extremely diverse and abundant in talent this year. We were able to gain a clear understanding of just how hard Filipino dancers work to deliver unbelievable performances at our 2018 Philippines Qualifier event. Watch these videos of our WOD Manila Upper Division Winners Circle for loads of inspiration. 

1st Place and Best in Theme: Ryan Canda

Ryan Canda brought a tear-jerking break up story to life with his WOD Manila Upper Division performance. His use of the stage and clever prop choices were epically unique. The glass bottle choreography and use of the displayed art pieces as background to the story are mind blowing. Get your tissues ready.

2nd Place and Crowd Favorite: Power Duo

Power Duo is the perfect name for this performance duet. The dancers pulled off a shocking number of tricks on the WODPH2018 stage. The intricate partner work and lifts displayed the dancers’ commitment and trust in each other. The height achieved in their tosses allowed multiple unexpected variations of flips. This performance will bring you to the edge of your seat. 

3rd Place: Tha Project

This trio performed intriguing choreography set to unreal musicality. Their ability to synchronize with each other and the music was astounding. Check out the intensity they brought to the WOD Manila Upper Division category.

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