The WOD Manila Junior Division was sensational, to say the least. Sayawatha Dance Troupe, Danssa, and Junior Good Vibes joined our 2018 Winner Circle by fiercely attacking their performances and wowing the WODPH2018 crowd. These age 17 and under crews provided our Manila regional event with a crazy amount of energy and an undoubtable passion for dance.

1st Place and Best in Costume: Sayawatha Dance Troupe

Sayawatha Dance Troupe commanded the WOD Manila Junior Division stage in their eye-catching black sequin tops. You will hardly notice the mid-performance quick change they seamlessly pulled off. We were so impressed by their ability to maintain premium performance quality while executing non stop movement, level variations, and formation changes.

2nd Place: Danssa

Danssa held no reservations when choreographing their performance. Just 15 seconds in, they shocked the crowd with an insanely high basket toss. This junior crew brought an unimaginable amount of intensity to the WODPH2018 stage.

3rd Place: Junior Good Vibes

You will definitely feel some “Good Vibes” while watching this team perform. From standing back tucks to mind-melting ripples, Junior Good Vibes pulled out all of the stops to compete in the WOD Manila Junior Division. Keep your eyes peeled for the dynamic details within this piece of choreography. 

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