Behind every on-camera dance performed on the NBC World of Dance stage, there are countless hours of rehearsal time with sweat and sometimes a bit of blood and tears.

Don’t miss out on these behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage of dancers from the season 2 Junior Division.

Charity & Andres

Charity and Andres once again take our breath away with their sharply synchronized in-studio performance. Their choice of music (“Legendary” by Welshly Arms) could not have been more perfectly suited to each of their powerful contemporary movements.

In this in-studio performance, the duo goes beyond their comfort zone with incredibly difficult moves, again not missing one beat to their perfectly chosen song “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo.

Sean & Kaycee

Watch Sean and Kaycee’s unparalleled connection as the duo wears their heart on their sleeve in this in-studio rehearsal video.

Jaxon Willard

Only Jaxon Willard can beautifully incorporate nuances of classic ballet into his contemporary routines with such a seamless effort. His in-studio rehearsal performance is sure to amaze you.

Jaxon Willard takes us to a place of awe as his in-studio rehearsal performance reveals a side of nonconformity never seen before. Get ready. His routine screams “enough is enough”!

Victoria Caban

As usual, our flamenco sweetheart Victoria Caban genuinely enjoys herself in this in-studio performance, dancing with an abundance of passion and expression.

Josh & Taylor

Josh and Taylor’s use of props only boosts their originality in this polished in-studio rehearsal.

Eva Igo

In this incredibly graceful in-studio performance, Eva Igo’s flexibility matches delicate acrobatic movements with a sharp focused intensity like no other.

Jonas & Ruby

Jonas and Ruby make ballroom dancing look as in style as ever in this terrific in-studio rehearsal as the two spiral away to Gotan Project’s “Santa Maria.”

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