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How fired up were you to watch this week’s episode of NBC World of Dance? (That pic of The Lab is a pretty accurate representation of how excited we were.) From seeing familiar faces who have been at our events for years, to the judges reactions, there was so much to love about this episode. Read on for our top 5 moments!

ICYMI, you can watch the full episode on NBC.com and check out performances + our full recap.

1. When Ne-Yo asked The Lab if they used a trampoline (and the jump he was talking about)

You can’t blame him, the jump was EPIC.

The Lab

2. Derek’s reactions to pretty much everything

He’s excited, and WE LOVE IT. Anyone else feel like justifies your own reactions when you’re watching at home? (video via Derek Hough’s Facebook page.)

3. BDash and Koncrete’s excitement when the judges “got it”

These dancers took a chance by choreographing krumping in a new way for the World of Dance stage and audience, and their reactions to the judges getting it was everything. Check out their confessional from the show.

4. The Fabulous Sisters reactions

These girls are adorable and crazy talented. In their reaction to their scores, they showed every emotion they were feeling and we LOVED it. Fabulous Sisters

5. Connection’s excitement heading off the stage

The combination of excitement, relief, and about 100 other emotions must be rushing through everyone as they exit the stage. How cute were the members of Connection as they were greeted by Jenna Dewan?

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