Victoria Caban brought flamenco to the NBC World of Dance stage and wowed the judges and audience with her gorgeous costumes and fierce moves. WOD Magazine caught up with this young triple threat to see what music is currently inspiring her. Read our exclusive Q&A below and stay tuned for more content from your favorite WOD contestants.

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What’s currently on your dance fitness playlist?

On my dance fitness playlist I have a lot of happy, and positive songs by Artists like Ariana Grande, MK, Jess Glynne, Clean Bandit, Dua Lipa, and more. On my dance fitness playlist I like to have lots of upbeat songs and motivating music! I feel that with music to motivate you during warm up can really help you push harder and work your muscles.

What kind of music do you like to work out to?

While working out I like to listen to very positive, and high energy music to motivate you. It gets you ready to work hard! 🙂

What is your go to “happy” song or band?

My go to “happy” song would have to be Break Free by Ariana Grande.

Do you sing or play a musical instrument?

A little secret that I have is that I love to sing. If I were ever to do something other than dance it would be singing. When I was younger I used to play an instrument, the clarinet.

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