Alaman Diadhiou is only 16, but he’s already a tap-dancing superstar. As a contestant on NBC’s World of Dance, he gets to show off his skills. But he’s not just a dancer. He’s an actor, singer, and all-around performer with impressive talent. To find out what gets him in the groove, we asked him to tell us what’s on his playlist. He didn’t disappoint.

The Alaman Diadhiou Playlist

Here are the top 5 tracks Alaman says he can’t get enough of—and why.

1) “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar

“I love this because he flexes his muscles, speaking about all the things that make him who he is inside his DNA. Kendrick is also a hometown LA kid like me, doing what he does in the name of our city.”

2) “Come Closer ft. Drake” by Wizkid

“I love dance hall and reggaeton music, which make me want to dance.”

3) “Redbone” by Childish Gambino

“It is funky and reminds me to ‘”Stay woke!'”

4) “River” by Leon Bridges

“It is a beautiful song, which reminds me of my home.”

5) “Teenage Fever” by Drake

“He is singing about a deep personal connection he feels with another person—not to mention there is a J-Lo sample within the song!”

If you’re inspired by Alaman’s playlist, you’ll definitely want to check out his YouTube HypeBeastU, where he shows you how to get down. (Check him out below.) You can also follow him on Instagram @alamonster.

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