The ladies of Femme Fatale are some seriously talented dancers. Their choreo, their poplocking, and their overall vibe got them a spot on the new NBC dance competition show World of Dance, where they get to show off their skills. We love to see dancers in their element, but we’re also always curious about what gets them in their zone. So we asked Femme Fatale to give us a sneak peek at their playlists.

The Femme Fatale Playlist

Here, the three members name the 5 tracks they love to get down to.

1) “Loyalty” by Kendrick Lamar ft. Rihanna

FF: We pretty much love these songs because of the smart and good lyrics with great music. That’s a good combo! 🙂

2) “H.E.R” by Focus

3) “Prblms” by 6LACK

4) “Heart Don’t Stand a Chance” by Anderson Paak

5) “That’s What I like” by Bruno Mars

Marie Poppins of FF: It’s my traffic jam! It always makes me happy and sing along.

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