The @powwowworldwide organization prides itself not just on creating beautiful artworks, POW WOW!’s mission is also to bring people together and contribute to underserved communities. @powwownepal definitely ticked all the boxes.

The Koseli School in Kathmandu was graced by a fine team of international artist that all came together to re-paint the school and transform it into an inspiring place to learn. The team of creators consisted of Cryptk, Shrine On, Lauren YS, Caratoes, Lauren Napolitano, Jeff Gress, Kai Kaulukukui, Katherine Rutter, IMAGINE, Philip Milic, Jean Philippe Burton, Lindsay Rider, Saadhux, Kosmic 13, Kiran Maharjan, I.effigy, and the Childrens Art Museum of Nepal.


Not a space was spared as color spread all over the facility bringing happiness to all the kids. Video directed by Mikey Inouye (@minouye) of Banzai Media. Music by Kutumba (@kutumba_nepal).