Growing up in the 90s hip-hop ruled our world. Dr. Dre and similar artists changed the way we listened to music. Driving around in Honda Civics and pumping the trunk with 12in subwoofers and 2,000 watts of power would make even Tim the Toolman scream “oh, oh oh.” As modern technology evolved and so did our music. Contra Scandal’s new album “Simulation” on Shadowtrix combines all the best parts of hip-hop with eastern vibes and hardcore drops that will make any dance floor come alive.

WOD: What are you most excited for/proud of with this new release?

Contra Scandal: I really like Simulation. Feel like it came out fairly quick and in turn very cohesive. I’m also very proud of Sunshine because it was the first time I was able to use a significant amount of my own vocals in a Dubstep song. I’m also overall really glad to be working with ShadowTrix because it seems that they are really focused on having a family vibe and are interested in artists that don’t necessarily fit the typical music/genre format.

WOD: What was your main inspiration on the project?

Contra Scandal: Just feeling overall happy and being able to see so many amazing artists in Denver a few times a week put me in a good state to create this thing. Sometimes it’s hard to know what exactly inspires you. I wasn’t drinking during the majority of the creation of this album so I felt like it really allowed me to represent my full potential and natural energy that I harness. A couple of my favorite producers that I feel recently have really been influencing me are Shlump, Thelem, Mesck, and Aztek.

WOD: What kind of venues do you like to play? Festivals? Clubs? What kind of crowd?

Contra Scandal: As far as the local scene goes in Denver, I love the Black Box. The sound system is so on point. I have really only played one little festival up in Montana called Neon City. Probably my top 5 shows to this day. I just love the outdoors and the festi vibes in general. People are just more down to dance because they’ve invested all this time and money into the experience. Everyone’s there for the music and just having a great time. I love to play midnight when everyone is nice and lit and down to let loose.

WOD: How did you find your style? Any good advice or tips for up and coming producers?

Contra Scandal: It was a slow evolution over the years. Personally, I feel like it’s hard to even be convinced that I necessarily have a style because a lot of the songs I make are fairly different. It all depends on the day and my overall mood. Recently I have really been interested in using a lot of Eastern samples. Not too sure why I’m so attracted to that sound. A good tip for the producers out there is to watch as many YouTube tutorials as you can. As much as it can get pretty boring, you always learn something new, which then leads to a domino effect in your progression. Also, as much as it hurts, drag and drop a reference track in your project and this will really allow you to grow. Of course no Virtual Riot or Skrillex productions but something that’s fairly attainable haha

About Contra Scandal:

Contra Scandal currently resides in the thriving bass music scene in Denver Colorado. Using Logic Pro X, his violin and other live instruments in his productions and live sets Contra Scandal definitely creates a scandalous bass music vibe that you don’t want to miss.

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