Peering into the night sky, you might wonder what sounds you’d hear as you maneuver around the stars. Tripzy Leary and GDubz have just released an EP called “Arrival,” and it’s sure to let your imagination peer into the universe. We got to hear from both of them about recent release:

WOD: What was your main inspiration on the project?
GDubz: The main inspiration would have to be classic dubstep and Liquid Stranger, but also bringing a mix of old and new sounds to the spectrum really influenced the vibe we achieved.

TL: The main inspiration I had on this project was working with GDubz, helping each other get to where we’re at. Utilizing this opportunity to expand in the industry and move forward. It’s our Arrival.

WOD: What are you most excited for/proud of with this new release?
TL: I’m excited for the listeners to have something new and fresh to look forward to. I’m proud of my connection with my friend Gary (GDubz) he did a killer job on the mixing and mastering/ adding his own sounds. I’m very satisfied the way it turned out. Some of the songs were made 3 years ago; just revamped them and gave them a fresh look. I never thought they would be used back then. It helped me realize I’m always a couple years ahead of myself when it comes to what I produce. Patience and determination is key in this industry. We just took our time with it. No rush.

GDubz: The ability to release with Wakaan & Liquid Stranger alone and also bridging Indigenous culture with our Interdimensional bass really brings a new reality to our sound. Also having a sort of split spectrum to the reality within the messaging behind each track has been the most rewarding part of this project, it allows complete imagination and creates it into our reality within sound.

WOD: How did you find your style? Any good advice or tips for up and coming producers?
TL: I have been making music for 16 years. My style has changed a lot over the years. My advice for up coming producers is take your time. Patience. Enjoy the process. Read and study. Work hard.

GDubz: Basically I found it the day I heard OG Dubstep, Caspa-Benga-Skream-Coki-Rusko-Emalkay and so on. It became pretty clear to me the way I wanted my sound to evolve into, it was just a matter of time until I perfected the way it needed to be. As far as advice goes, just stay true to yourself and trust your instincts and always try to be influenced by others while trying to create something that is true to your sound and that is fresh and original.

WOD: What do you wish your listeners knew about you?
GDubz: People should know that Z and I both went to the same Audio Engineering Institute SAE from Vancouver Canada and we connected throughout the facility and have been connected ever since.

TL: People should know we are here to make a difference and to move away from our differences and invite others to work together. Teamwork makes the dream work. This industry is about love and saving the planet from conflict. To ask the gyroscopic navigation questions. Why are we here and where are we going?
Think for yourself. And question authority. Turn on. Tune in. Drop Bass.

Get the free album now:

About Tripzy Leary and GDubz:

Knowing that Excision grew up near TL and GDubz, making electronic music seemed possible. After attending music school together they began making collaborations. Creating wonky interdimensional underground bass music both Tripzy Leary and GDubz are trailblazing a new blend of sounds of an unknown dimension never heard yet. Traveling through your speakers and bringing the language of aliens to earth, Arrival is an album that will continue to keep you guessing and wanting more.

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