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The 2017 World of Dance Finals will be held in Pasadena on July 22, 2017, and we can’t wait. This annual event features the winners of World of Dance competitions around the world—the best of the best—facing off to win the title, plus performances by industry starts, vendors, DJs, artists, and a lot more. In anticipation of this must-see event, we’re getting to know the many competitors from around the world.

Today, we’re meeting ROFF, Youth Division winners of World of Dance Denmark 2017. We caught up with the team coach Iyares Løvschal to find out how they met, what it was like to compete in WOD, what they’re looking forward to, and more.

Crew name: ROFF

Title: Youth Division winners of World of Dance Denmark 2017

Hometown: Aarhus, Denmark

Members: Emma Stork, Rose Bak, Marie Schütter, Alba Mazanti, Maria Gravrok, Amalie Bjørnholt, Desiree Gbogou, Anna-Clara Schmidt (coaches Lars Lilleøre and Iyares Løvschal)

WOD: Can you give us a little background about the crew: how long have you been together/how did you meet? 

Iyares: ROFF started in 2015. Me and my friend Lars had been dancing together for some time at Stylez Dance Academy, and one day I asked him if he wanted to form a crew together and then we held an audition.
The name of the crew, ROFF, came from when you say “rough,” and that’s why we choose the name.

WOD: Other than winning first place, what was your favorite part of competing at the World of Dance qualifier?

Iyares: WOD is one of the biggest dance competitions, and since it was in Denmark, other crews from Northern Europe came to compete. So it was really amazing to see levels from other countries and meet new people.
Roff Dance Crew

WOD: What do you think made your performance stand out enough to win?

Iyares: We always try to be original with a hint of fundamental hip hop—and show them why we love to dance.

WOD: What’s your crew’s dance philosophy?

Iyares: Always be humble—but then you go hard and proud!
Roff Dance Crew

WOD: What are you most excited about for the WOD Finals in Pasadena?

Iyares: To see all the crews who are gonna compete.

WOD: Anything else before we go?

Iyares: A big shoutout to Stylez Dance Academy for always taking good care of everyone and giving us the opportunity to form a. amazing crew. Big bad thanks for Steffen K. Rasmussen for being the director of World of Dance Denmark.
To keep up with ROFF, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Catch ROFF competing at the 2017 World of Dance Finals in Pasadena on July 22. For tickets and more event info, visit World of Dance.

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