It all started innocently enough, when a video of Salif Gueye dancing to a Michael Jackson song in his native Paris, France went viral online, catching the eye of Ellen DeGeneres.

She then had to bring the self-taught 22 year old dancer to The Ellen Show for an exclusive interview and a short but sweet dance performance.

Since then, Salif’s fame continued to grow exponentially.

The dancer has now over one million followers on Instagram. People cannot get enough of his flawlessly perfected Michael Jackson moves! His moonwalk impersonation is that much more interesting thanks to Salif’s own signature gliding movements and hypnotizing body isolation motions.

He can effortlessly transition from an easy floss move into humanly impossible body contortions in a matter of seconds. But his dance movements are not the whole story. His entire stage presence is simply mesmerizing. From lip-syncing to his pronounced facial expressions, it is all just so fun to watch.

Salif x World of Dance

World of Dance has also played a part in Salif’s dance career. He performed at the Qualifiers this year in Paris.

And he won third place in the Upper Division in Lyon this year as well.

From dancing on the streets of Paris to winning over millions of fans across the globe, the world is your oyster, Salif!

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