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The 2017 World of Dance Finals will be held in Pasadena on July 22, 2017, and we can’t wait. This annual event features the winners of World of Dance competitions around the world—the best of the best—facing off to win the title, plus performances by industry starts, vendors, DJs, artists, and a lot more. In anticipation of this must-see event, we’re showcasing the many competitors from around the world.

Today, looking at Harleen Joker’s Dance Fam, Upper Division Winners of World of Dance Krasnoyarsk 2017. (That’s in Siberia, Russia, FYI.) With their fresh style, the 50-person crew wowed the judges, and now they’re ready to battle it out at the World of Dance Finals next weekend. Take a look at their winning 1st-place performance (and their 2016 performance, too).

Harleen Joker's Dance Fam

Catch Harleen Joker’s Dance Fam competing at the 2017 World of Dance Finals in Pasadena on July 22. For tickets and more event info, visit World of Dance.

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