It makes sense that a love letter to David Bowie would be classy, experimental, gorgeous, and awe-inspiring. Such is the wonderful case of Star Dust, a modern ballet performed by Complexions, a rather profound dance company. It was crafted by choreographer Dwight Rhoden, a lifelong fan who wanted to celebrate the multi-faced artist for being both timeless and ahead of his time.

It was, of course, a challenge to make selections across such a profound and thrilling catalog. Still, Rhoden rededicated himself to total focus on the man who was Ziggy, Jareth, and the Thin White Duke in one charming British body. To put together such a vibrant tribute, Rhoden listened to Bowie at home, in his car, at the gym, and everywhere in between.

Thus, Star Dust has all the classics—”Changes,” “Let’s Dance,” “Life on Mars”, “Young Americans”—and it even touches on Blackstar, the final album Bowie released just two days before the musician succumbed to is secret battle with liver cancer.

Nobody would’ve loved this ballet more than David Bowie. It’s a sincere dedication to what the man gave the world, but Star Dust is its own thing entirely. It’s an interpretation with Bowie as the foundation and a head in some dreamscape.

Star Dust is currently in New Orleans, having stunned New York earlier this year and Detroit last year. The costumes are by Christine Darch and the lighting is by Michael Korsch. See the magic for yourself.

STAR DUST By COMPLEXIONS- FULL PROMO from complexions on Vimeo.

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