They stepped and strolled, they grooved their way into our hearts. Bringing to the global stage a style of dance that was made prominent by African-American Fraternities and Sororities in the 1920’s, stepping team Stroll Groove made sure to leave their mark on the World of Dance stage with their unique style and captivating energy.

Drawing inspiration from 80’s and 90’s pop/party style culture, Stroll Groove lives and breathes the step and stroll world. “Much of our lifestyle and pop culture are intertwined. Our style, movement, song selections and story-telling all stem from being 80’s-90’s babies. We also have a strong nightlife presence, and are always ready get the party started.”

And get the party started is exactly what they did! Stroll Groove’s infectious energy captivated not only the TV screen, but the holding room backstage as well. “Our favorite memory [from NBC World of Dance] is definitely getting all of the competitors to stroll with us backstage. The whole room was having a blast, and it revealed a great sense of unity amongst the cast.”

While the team unfortunately got eliminated in the Dules round, their journey is still far from over. “Life improved immensely for the crew after World of Dance” they said. “We established some great relationships which afforded more opportunities in the entertainment industry. Since then, we have worked on several television/commercials/music videos as dancers and choreographers, including So You Think You Can Dance (Season 15), America’s Got Talent (Season 13), The Voice and more.” The group was also given the opportunity to perform with Beyonce at Coachella, Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey, LL Cool J and more!

As for where they are now, the crew has currently expanded to over 30 members and is continuing their work in the entertainment industry! While still focusing their love and energy in to dance, Stroll Groove puts a strong focus onto social issues as well. Their qualifier performance on NBC World of Dance was to John Legend and Common’s ‘Glory’, tackling issues of racial prejudice and police-brutality. “Since, we’ve continued to explore calling attention to issues that affect our community as a whole – we do that through dance.”

We can’t wait to see what level you’ll step to next, Stroll Groove!

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