Legendary choreographer Tessandra Chavez won the two categories she was nominated for at the 8th Annual World Choreography Awards. Tessandra is well known for her amazing work on So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, and of course NBC World of Dance.

Tessandra Chavez x World Choreography Awards

The Emmy award-winning choreographer took home the Best Music Video award for her work with Blake McGrath in “Missing You,” and the Best Digital Content award for her “Hold On” choreography with NBC World of Dance judge Derek Hough.

In “Missing You,” Tessandra tells WOD Magazine that she felt an “immediate connection to the song.” She goes on to say that “everyone can relate to missing anyone and the heartache that it causes.”

In “Hold On,” Tessandra was approached by dancer and singer Derek Hough. “Once I heard the song, I immediately thought of my assistant and muse who lost his father to suicide at a very young age” – she says. “I knew this would be a very cathartic process for him and I just wanted to be the vessel for him to share his story.”

The iconic star has created enough dance pieces to transform the way we see dance, not only in our lifetime, but in many future generations to come – “I feel a special connection to every piece I create because they all come from an honest place and represent different times in my life.”

Tessandra Chavez x NBC World of Dance

Tessandra redefined an entire dance genre with her revolutionary contemporary choreography. Scroll down to watch her work with NBC World of Dance Junior Division finalists Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice.

Tessandra’s choreographies are mainly inspired by everyday life, “I love creating to inspire and heal people. Bringing joy to people who watch my work is what makes my heart happy.”

She also choreographed two pieces for NBC World of Dance season 2’s Ashley and Zack.

The World Choreography Awards

For those of you who are not all that familiar with the World Choreography Awards, this is no small prize. Held annually in Los Angeles, CA, this live show is considered to be the Oscars of dance.

It welcomes guests celebrities, industry dancers, choreographers, and directors into a red carpet, fun event full of live dance performances, along with each category’s awards. This event has become a beacon for the dance community to celebrate creativity and innovation by recognizing excellence in the art of media choreography.

Keone and Mari Madrid x World Choreography Awards

NBC World of Dance season 1 contestants Keone and Mari Madrid took home the Television Reality Show/Competition award at the World Choreography Awards.

The duo couldn’t’ be happier as this award was granted to them exactly for their “Happy” performance at WOD’s first season. Take a look below for a quick refresher on their innovative, witty, and well, happy urban dance performance that left the judges feeling light and amused back in 2017.

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