The Ford Sisters –  “Kay K”, “Christa Malia”, and “Brii”, have partnered with World of Dance in a new online series called WOD360.  Each episode will encapsulate activities associated with the ever growing World of Dance brand.  World of Dance also known as “WOD” was founded in 2008 with dance, music, fashion, and lifestyle at its core.  WOD360 will touch upon these pillars while allowing each personality of the sisters to shine.  

“It’s been some time since we have had a program that speaks to the community, about all things – World of Dance” says David Gonzalez, President World of Dance.  

“We’re so happy to have found The Ford Sisters, as we continue to evolve the World of Dance brand, leaning deeper into music and lifestyle.” 

The Ford Sisters are professional dancers and dance-pop singer/songwriters on the rise.  As life long dancers, music has played a significant role in their career as performing artists.  The unique blend of dance, music, and community awareness make The Ford Sisters the perfect hosts for WOD360.  



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