The World of Dance DJ Collective is a group of DJs who joined forces with World of Dance to share new music with the WOD community. Our DJs release monthly playlists (refreshed for relevance) and quarterly World of Dance exclusive mixes.

World of Dance has connected dancers with music artists to cultivate choreography with sick musicality. The World of Dance DJ Collective is made up of musical creatives who support the dance community. These DJs have joined in the #CreateTogether movement by developing music that is easily shared across all platforms where dance is shared.

DJ Collective Playlists

Are you having trouble finding new music to dance and choreograph to? Our DJ Collective  hand selects fresh music and releases a monthly playlist for your listening pleasure. These playlists will be released on Music by WOD and the World of Dance Spotify.

DJ Collective Mixes

Each DJ has created an original quarterly mix to showcase their musical style. These DJ produced mixes highlight the World of Dance DJ Collective’s standard for musical intelligence. Follow each DJ’s Spotify playlist to keep up with their music.

Introducing the First Round of World of Dance DJ Collective Inductees

Mike Murda, Shakee, Knowbody, and Kool Kuts have been active DJs in the WOD community for years. Each of these DJs create music with dancers in mind. Check out their playlists on Spotify and keep up with the dance industry’s music trends.

Follow the World of Dance Music #FAVE44 for a compilation of the DJ Collective’s monthly music favorites. Stay current with World of Dance for new DJ Collective inductions.

WOD DJ Mike Murda WOD DJ KnowbodyWOD DJ Kool KutsWOD DJ Shakee

Listen to World of Dance Music to discover the hottest music being played in the dance industry. Check out latest WOD DJ Collective playlists on Spotify. Follow the WOD #FAVE44 playlist to keep up with our freshest music finds.