World of Dance Season 2 ended a few months ago, Season 3 is in production as we speak, but there are still those from way back in Season 1 that we can’t seem to get off of our minds! And of all the technically perfect dancers that graced the WOD stage for our first season, Madeline (18), Chloe (16) and Lainey (14) of The Mihacevich Sisters are at the top of that list!

Hailing from Bruswick, Ohio, these sisters “have been dancing and in a studio since day one.” Though the three didn’t form as a trio until they were all a bit older, their passion for dance and music is one that has been with them since the beginning. When asked where they find their inspiration, they gave some very interesting answers: 

M: So many things inspire us. But if it is about creating, it is always the music. It is a way to story-tell or express. Personally, I love choreographing. And for me, that starts with the music. 

C: Most of [my] inspiration has come from the dancers we dance with. Our mom always told us to try to surround ourselves with the best of the best, and she was right. Seeing people better than you gives you motivation to keep pushing yourself. 

Having spent most of their life dancing in a studio setting and having entered “late to the competitive world,” the family was over-the-moon excited to have the opportunity to compete on World of Dance. Admittedly though, the sisters didn’t know what they were getting themselves into!

L: When we showed up, we expected to see other dancers from the competition world. We had NO IDEA that we would be competing against acts like FikShun, Le Twins, Keone and Mari, Ian Eastwood, Super Crew, the Jabbawockeez … I could go on!!! 

C: We were just these three small town girls from Ohio…and here were all these top dogs in the dance industry! 

M: But it motivated us, because we felt like we could be an example to other kids who dreamed of something like this. If it could happen for us…then it could happen for them too. 

And although the Mihacevich sisters got eliminated during The Cut round, that is far from where their World of Dance journey ended. After the show, the trio went on tour with WOD Live and had an experience equally “as amazing as being on the show.”

C: Live Tour was the most incredible experience of our lives! And for the three of us, getting to do it together right before Madeline was graduating…it was super special to have that memory together. 

M: It was so cool to go city to city and meet the people who were fans of the show. It made you see how much dance really impacts people and brings them joy. 

L: But obviously being on a bus tour is something we never dreamed we would do. It was like an endless sleepover with our friends!

And as for where they are now, the three sisters are still dancing their hearts out as often as possible. Madeline graduated high school and moved LA to dance professionally, and Chloe and Lainey are busy with cheer, school and their various dance teams and conventions. And it might be a few years, “but I think we are all hoping to end up in LA together at some point,” mentioned Lainey. At least we know there is more from the Mihacevich sisters to come!

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