We’re proud to announce NBC World of Dance talent, the Mihacevich Sisters as part of the World of Dance DX education staff. Madeline, Chloe, and Lainey have inspired the contemporary dance community since their appearance on season 1. Check out what these show-stopping sisters have to say about World of Dance DX.

We asked the Mihacevich sisters what they are excited for at World of Dance DX.

MADELINE: I am excited about the diversity of talent that is all being assembled…and being reunited with our WOD family!!

CHLOE: I am looking forward to teaching with my sisters and getting to share our work with other dancers.

LAINEY: I am excited to meet new dancers and just experience the energy of WOD in this new format!

WOD: What do you think will set DX apart from other conventions?

MADELINE: There are SO MANY things!  I think the variety is amazing.  So many different teachers. And the educational experience is going to be SO unique.  Dancers will audition to film a video alongside some of the faculty and their favorite WOD talent!  How cool is that??!

CHLOE: I think it will be a more personal experience.  Dancers will have a lot of opportunities to really talk and work closely with the faculty. It is also great for dancers wanting to audition for the show to be able to get the inside scoop on what to expect.

LAINEY: I think one thing that will set it apart is the showcase that gives dancers an opportunity to get in front of producers to get on the show.  That’s huge for dancers wanting to make a mark in the industry.

WOD: Why do you think people should attend?

MADELINE: I think WOD has always had a special following.  I think for dancers who have been in the “traditional comp” scene this is going to feel so different and fresh. The energy will be insane!  And for the dancers who have been with WOD forever, this is an opportunity for them to really step out of their comfort levels and expose themselves to new classes and styles.

CHLOE: Because it’s going to be a once in a lifetime experience!!  

LAINEY: Because it is going to be such a cool collection of talent all in one place! This will be one of the most diverse groups ever assembled for a dance convention!

Dancing alongside the sisters at World of Dance DX will be an inspiration for budding industry dancers.



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