The Mihacevich Sisters—Madeline, Chloe, and Lainey—have been performing together for 6 years, so it’s no surprise they have skill, talent, chemistry, and a few national titles to their name, too. Now, they’re about to take their dance career to the next level on NBC’s World of Dance, where they’ll compete against the world’s best dancers for the chance to win a $1 million prize.

To find out what it was like to compete on the show, we recently caught up with them. Here, they chat about their favorite judges, competing against the world’s best dancers, and more.


The Mihacevich Sisters

Style: Contemporary: 3 members

Category: Junior

From: Brunswick, OH

WOD: What was the best part of competing in World of Dance?

Madeline: For me, the best part of competing in World of Dance was getting to meet all the other competitors in the competition. Every single dancer there was super down to earth and so talented. It was so cool watching them perform—and also getting to joke around with them backstage.

Chloe: Everything about competing in World of Dance was so surreal. But without a doubt, one of the coolest parts of World of Dance was running onto the stage for the first time. Being able to experience this moment with my sisters was better than I could have ever imagined.

Lainey: The best part about competing in World of Dance was definitely getting to meet and dance amongst the best dancers in the world. You are competing against dancers who already have their own Vegas shows and have already established a name for themselves in this industry. Getting to be on the same level as them was absolutely surreal.

WOD: Who’s your favorite judge, and why?

Madeline: I look up to all of the judges in many ways, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say Jennifer Lopez. She is an extremely talented singer, actor, and dancer, along with her own clothing line, Vegas show, and many other accomplishments. I think it is important to be versatile, and Jennifer Lopez is one of the most versatile celebrities I can think of. She is also extremely hardworking and humble, which are two characteristics I also value.

Chloe: I agree. All of the judges on World of Dance are amazing but, I would have to say my favorite judge is J-Lo. She is also someone we can relate to because she started her career as a dancer. She is very successful at everything that she does, and she is one of the most hardworking people I have ever met.  

Lainey: I would say J-Lo, too. She is one of the most hard working and versatile people in the industry. She is such an inspiration to not only me but other dancers and people as well because of her work ethic and down to earth personality. And she is BEAUTIFUL!!

WOD: What do you love most about dance?

Madeline: All my life, dance has been the one constant I could turn to (along with my family). Whenever I was feeling stress in school, with friends, or with boys, I always knew I could go to dance at the end of the day and it would make me happy. Every single time I hear a piece of music, I immediately feel the urge to start dancing.Dance has become one of the most important things in my life, and I would be completely lost without it.  

Chloe: As dancers, we are also music lovers. I think the idea of bringing music and movement together is very cool. Dance serves as a great release for me. It is a way to celebrate, escape, tell stories, move people. It is a way to physically challenge myself but in a completely artistic way.

Lainey: What I love about dance is the fact that it brings people together to celebrate a passion for something we love. Dance is a great way to meet other people and have fun. It is also a great way to let out your emotions and express how you are feeling.


WOD: Anything else before we go?

Madeline: Our family is pretty obsessed with American Ninja Warrior! I am dying to try the warped wall!! We actually got to meet a lot of the warriors when they were filming here in Cleveland. We also got invited to warm up the crowd prior to the taping. It was a blast!  

Chloe: All three of us love to travel…and love the beach!!

Lainey: And we are all pretty obsessed with ice cream. 🙂 I think we would eat it at least once a day if we could!

MIhacevich Sisters World of Dance

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