The Juniors faced the heat in last week’s episode of NBC World of Dance Season 3.  From sing-alongs to standing ovations, here are our Top 5 moments! 

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1. J Lo singing along to “Because of You”

If you listen closely, you can hear our judge singing with the song. Talk about being in the moment! 

2. The Snack Break 

Who else got hungry seeing all those snacks? 

3. Season 1 finalist Eva Igo’s surprise visit

The Season 1 finalist stopped by to surprise our judges and we couldn’t stop smiling at their reactions. 

4. Lauren Yakima’s standing ovation 

Saving the best for last, Lauren’s powerful performance brought Ne-Yo and Derek to their feet. 

5. The Redemptions 

The Redemptions have been the most intense part of every duel. This one was no different! 

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