The holiday festivities are approaching us pretty quickly, so this is that time of year again for giving. And if your holiday gifts list includes a dancer or two, you’ve come to the right source for gift ideas! Scroll down below for some inspiration on what might please that creative human in your life.

Wireless Headphones

You know the drill. Your dancer pal cannot contain himself/herself when it comes to dancing in public, especially if their favorite song unexpectedly comes up on the radio. Whether you’re both at a grocery store or at the doctor’s office, saving yourself some embarrassment might mean giving your dancer a generous gift this year – Beats by Dr. Dree wireless headphones.

This way, you can always just use the excuse that this highly excited dancing person next to you is just caught up on their own little moment. After all, we all know that dancing alone at random places is way more acceptable if you at least got a pair of headphones on.


Nowadays, if the dancer in your life is like most young dancers out there, he/she probably gets a kick out of sharing their dance videos on their social media. Long gone are the days when sharing their dance performance through a VHS tape was a reason to gather everyone around in the family’s TV room.

Well, for the sake of keeping up with the times, be that cool, creative person and gift your dancer a professional tripod so they can film their dance videos creatively and steadily. You will for sure get props for such a simple, yet creative (and voila, inexpensive) idea, guaranteed.

Clothes and Sneakers

Now let’s get to the basics. Every dancer needs dancing clothing and shoes. And often. That is because unlike most of us whose daily routines include sitting, standing, and the occasional working out, dancers’ routines involve a bit of more of a sweaty, stretching, getting down to the floor, ripping and tearing lifestyle.

Stick with Balera brand so you make no mistake when browsing through their varied selections of pants, leggings, jackets, and sneakers. We’re gearing here more towards the urban, hip hop dance community, but you will find clothing and sneakers for just about any dance genre in their site.

And for all the WOD fans out there, you can find some of the TV show’s merchandise here.

Duffle Bags

A dancer is most likely always carrying a ton of gear around! Dance clothing, shoes, toiletries, first-aid kits, makeup/hair accessories, water bottles, healthy snacks, electronics, and, of course, extra pairs of just about anything…you get the idea.

Giving your dancer that perfect duffle bag that can fit just about everything they need can be a heaven-sent gift! And if you’re so inclined to think a bit outside the box, Gruv Gear may be the best source for a gift of originality.

Dance Classes

Every dancer at every level will be grateful to get to take more classes. Or maybe you want to incentive that shy, wannabe dancer to finally give it a go. Regardless of people’s diverse level of dance abilities, we can all take advantage of a class here and there.

Check out your local studio availability for a sweet gift certificate idea.

WOD Event Tickets

And for our grand finale, we could not complete our holiday gifts list idea for the dancer in your life without mentioning 2019 WOD events.

From qualifiers to master classes, there is sure to be an event near you next year!

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