Can you believe it? The World of Dance Season 2 finale is this week! After 15 episodes of incredible performances and getting to hear the stories of so many amazing performers, the Season 2 winner will be awarded tomorrow night.

Whether you’ve been watching every episode like clockwork, or just catching the highlights, we’ve compiled your handy guide to the entire season so you’re ready for the finale this Wednesday at 9/8 central on NBC.

Episode Recaps (includes full performances):

The Qualifiers: All acts performed, and only those with 80+ points moved on to The Duels.

The Duels: Acts go head-to-head and only the winning score advances.

The Cut: Of the 30 remaining acts, only the contestants with the top 3 scores in each division will advance (12 total).

The Divisional Finals: The top 3 acts in each division compete for their spot in the World Finals.

A Look Back at the Finalists

With four contestants going into the finals, only one can with the $1 million prize. Let’s look back at some of their top performances from the season.

Michael Dameski, Upper Division | Qualifiers Performance 

S-Rank, Upper Team Division | Duels Performance 

Charity & Andres, Junior Division | Duels Performance 

The Lab, Junior Division | Qualifiers Performance 

Tune in tomorrow night as the 4 remaining acts compete in the World Final on NBC World of Dance. Each act will perform twice, and the highest combined score will win the whopping $1 million prize. Don’t miss exclusive interviews, performances, and more from the definitive source for all things World of Dance.