NBC World of Dance has had so many twists and turns and great moments this season, it’s been an amazing thing to witness. From watching contestants grow as performers to seeing incredible feats of athleticism and grace, the Divisional Finals brought the competition to a whole new level.

Check out our Top 5 moments from the episode below. Looking for the full episode recap + full performances? Watch here and see full episodes on NBC.

1. Karen y Ricardo’s Lift

Throughout the season, Karen y Ricardo have continued to wow us with their incredible technique and unbelievable lifts and tricks. This spin (at 1:09 of their performance) wasn’t just an impressive trick, look at the ease and smile on Karen’s face! 

2. Misty Copeland’s New Perspective as a Judge

Last season we were lucky enough to have Misty Copeland as a guest judge during The Cut, and we were so excited to have her back for this season’s Divisional Finals. All season our celebrity judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo have continued to provide great feedback to contestants, but it was refreshing to get Misty’s perspective. Not only because it’s new, but because she also provides a unique eye thanks to her classical ballet training.

3. Ne-Yo Celebrating with The Lab

After their performance, The Lab had a lot to be proud of, and they shared a moment with mentor and judge Ne-Yo. The genuine joy and excitement was contagious while watching the episode.

4. The Control in S-Rank’s Performance

S-Rank’s musicality and intricate movements would be lost without their incredible control. Check out 0:48 to see one of the best moments from their performance.

5. The Additional Production Elements and Props

Overall during the Divisional Finals, production value was through the roof. From rain in Sean & Kaycee’s performance to the screens integrating perfectly with Michael Dameski’s choreography, the night was full of things we haven’t seen this season.

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