There’s just no way we can do a Top 5 after last night’s Division Finals. That’d be leaving someone out and it’s downright impossible. It’s beyond clear this is the best of the best. So we’re doing Top 6 moments tonight, because, holy hell, that was some dancing. If you missed out on Qualifiers, Duels, you can catch up with Top 5 moments for Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5, Episode 6, and Episode 7., and Episode 8.

1. Kinjaz (Working the Way a Dance Team Should)
It actually wouldn’t be surprising at all to know that everyone in Kinjaz are related or have known each other since kindergarten. They work so smoothly and seamlessly, it’s as if they’ve been competing together as a unit since grade school. They operate at a level that gives the impression they’re many of one, and it’s pretty hard to take your eyes off it. With this many people, it’s stunning. In this powerful performance, they go big with emotion and don’t come up short on captivating moves. Everything these guys do, they do it 110% and it’s crazy amazing to watch. They can literally do anything and everything. See them make you wish you were part of the team at 1:11 in the video below.

2. Swing Latino (Making Everyone Crazy Jealous of Their Life)
Who in their right mind would not attend every single party these wildcards ever threw It’s like Cirque du Soleil in the middle of Carnival by way of Cuba and Miami. No one is even coming close to having as much fun as these cats, and they’re throwing each other across the stage like it’s second nature. Everything they’ve ever done has been grand, colorful, and epic. Tis performance starts with a giant dress of flags and then melts into what is basically Pop Rocks as a routine. They even put up their own stage and then do flips off it before more people go flying and more flags start waving. See peak wonderful madness at 1:15 in the video below.

3. Keone + Mari (Nailing Timelessness Like It’s Easy)
Good luck ever finding a dancing husband-wife couple that’s cuter or more skilled than Keone and Mari. While this competition has brought a lot of modern moves onto the stage, there is a soul and history to this dynamic duo, where old meets new, classic and fresh twirling together. What other couple could you drop in any era and believe they would nail it as successfully as these two? See what we mean at 1:15 in the video below.

4. Les Twins (Basically Becoming Music Personified)
With Les Twins, it’s like the twin brothers actually share a brain, a heart, and a set of muscles. Better yet, it’s like the two of them are locked wholly with whatever song is playing, as if it plays through them, conscious and trying to communicate in human form. They do sporadic noise movements better than anyone else around. In this dramatic performance, behold how in sync they are with everything that’s happening. It starts at 1:05 in the video below.

5. Diana Pombo (Actually Dancing Like Nobody’s Watching)
In a nationally televised competition, dancing technically stunning with a vibe that is seemingly true to yourself is pretty incredibly hard. That is of course you’re Diana Pombo, who puts on a performance like she is too locked into to what she’s doing to even notice the audience. She doesn’t have any sense of “okay, now hit this mark” or “alright, now this move.” All she’s doing is dancing her brains out perfectly to the music as if it’s spontaneous. She nails everything without even trying, from all appearances. See what we mean at 1:05 in the video below.

6. Eva Igo (Smiling After That Insane Performance)
It’s easy to forget that Eva Igo is even human and not some futuristic alien sent her to teach us how to properly dance. She is a dramatic, fierce, otherworldly creative beast on stage, for whatever the music and performance demands…and then she’s all skips on the way in and all smiles as soon as she’s done. No one transforms harder, honestly. See her go from threats to giggles at 1:30 (after taking in that whole bonkers, wild, flexible routine) in the video below.
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