Ballet is a serious discipline that requires extensive training, determination, and great commitment over the course of several years in an effort to master proper technique and impressive presentations of ballet skills.  With all that time spent in studios, in front of mirrors and next to barres, dancers have gotten incredibly creative with their chosen styles they wear on and off the stage!

For most ballet classes, a bun is the required hair style by instructors.  Check out how some of these dancers have used what used to be a restriction on hair to create bun masterpieces!

With beads:

And braids:

And flowers:

This one was brought to life for the holiday season!

Leotards are a great way of expressing yourself in class (if your dress code allows it). This year designers have out-done themselves with new cuts, color schemes, and accents.  These are just a few of our favorites!

This beautiful floral from Second Skin Costumes.

This “hot” print for sale at Dancewear Solutions would look great in class or on stage!

This beautiful lace print adds depth and texture to this leotard, from Soel Dancewear.

These cross-strap details, rhinestoning, and color-contrast make this leotard a winner for the stage, from The Lineup. 

Though they can be painful at times, pointe shoes are classic, elegant, and create beautiful lines for ballet dancers.  When they were created, they were originally white, then made pink to match certain skin tones.  These days, pointe shoes can come in any color, and we’re loving it!

They’re now made in all types of skin tones.

And you can’t have too much sparkle in a routine, really.

There is so much innovation and creativity in the dance world, it only makes sense that it would make its way to the World of Dance stage by now! Avery & Marcus wow’ed us in the qualifiers during season 2 of NBC World of Dance with their innovative ballet duet.  It’s a great representation of how even such a classic style can represent in the World of Dance community.

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Featured image courtesy of NBC.