Ballroom clothing styles differ between the types of dances, and they have changed as fashions change throughout the decades.  We love that the styles of outfits are just as different as the ballroom dances and dancers themselves, and are flexible considering what story or feeling the performers are trying to convey.  Traditional ballroom outfits will never go out of style, and we’re loving the new additions to the classics!


More and more we are seeing ladies ditching traditional dresses for their ballroom performances for pants, and more popularly pantsuits!

Victoria Caban rocked this bright yellow pantsuit during her flamenco performance on NBC World of Dance Season 2. 

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CABANA-OH-NAH-NAH😊💃🏻💛 TAG @camila_cabello So grateful and feeling blessed to have made it past another round! Now in The Cut I’m bringing everything I have. All I know is I need to work harder and dance even stronger. Stay tuned for my next performance! Can’t wait for you to see this one! @nbcworldofdance @nbc @jlo @jennadewan @derekhough @neyo @nappytabs @itsbrittcherry @caddyisbright 🙏🏼💃🏻💛🇵🇷 —————————————— @danielnovikovworldchamp @mishella_vishnevskiy @littledancechampions You two are the most cutest things ever! It was definitely tough battling you guys because no matter how young you two are it was some hard competition! You both have such an amazing future ahead of you. Don’t give up, because this is only the beginning. Much love for you both. ❤️🙌🏼❤️🙌🏼—————————————— Thank you to my beautiful mother and choreographer for everything you have done for me and supporting me throughout this experience. I love you so much. @martha_caban @sashaherrera10 All I can say is I am grateful. 🙏🏼💃🏻💛🇵🇷 #VictoriaCaban #NBCWorldOfDance #PuertoRico #AlwaysDancingForMyCountry #iMadeItToTheCut #Grateful #fan

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Ruby, from Jonas & Ruby in a bright red half-skirt on her black mixed-media pantsuit.

The Pulse showed off their take on this style during season 2 as well, with pantsuits that complimented the style, dancers, and theme of the routine.

Check out their performance in the The Duels, we’re loving the way the fringe accentuates the moves in the performance!

And speaking of fringe…


It’s a classic for a reason. It adds flair, new lines, and compliments outfitting on men and women in their ballroom performances.

The girls in The Untouchables look absolutely stunning in this fringe.

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Mishella’s fringe gives her tons of extra flair… not that she needs it.

Watch how just the smallest amount of fringe on Karen from Karen y Ricardo adds dynamic lines and symmetry to their performance.


We’re loving the street look that jeans create in these ballroom pieces.  The outfits that dancers wear help tell the story, and modern stories require modern outfitting.

Luka from Luka and Jenalyn is rocking the distressed jeans look in this performance.

Pasha and Daniella are fierce, both in jeans.

Dramatic skirts

Long, dramatic skirts are another classic, and rightfully so.  They add and accentuate drama in ballroom pieces, and add a sense of poise and maturity to performances.

Victoria Caban looks outstanding in her skirt.

A photo couldn’t express how amazing DNA’s performance was, check out their performance in Season 2’s qualifiers; between the outfitting and Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna,” we can’t think of anything else that could have been added to make this performance more dramatic.

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