Contemporary outfit styles have as wide of a range as the style of dance itself! Here are some contemporary style trends we are seeing right now, featuring NBC World of Dance season 2 contestants and our #WODDX18 Ambassadors.

Floral Sashes and Accents

It’s amazing what one minor detail can add to an outfit and performance.  Floral accents can make a simple outfit piece into a detailed ensemble, and sashes can tie a top and a bottom together to make them a complete performance-ready outfit.

Lillian Grace Edwards looks stunning in her contemporary outfit completed by a floral sash connecting her outfit together.

Expressenz, dances beautifully in their contemporary outfits before they headed to NBC World of Dance Season 2.  The florals make the otherwise simple pieces into a competition-ready costume.

We love this style on Expressenz, here they are again when they competed in NBC World of Dance Season 2.  Their outfits feature a floral sash haltered around their necks, creating a unique and stunning outfit on the dancers.

Cutout Leotards

We’re loving the leotards that designers are creating! The cuts create interesting lines during a contemporary performance as well as help grab attention in an audition.  They’re expanding their colors past the traditional blacks and neutrals, which goes to show how far we’ve come from the traditional black leotard and pink tights.

Here’s Ava Curbow, with a fuchsia cutout leotard.  The color pops off of her surroundings, and the cut creates a unique look.

Lilian Grace Edwards looks stellar in this red cut out leotard.  The wrap-around feature makes what would be a simple leotard into a photo-ready outfit!


The guys haven’t been forgotten when it comes to fashion in the contemporary world.  Biketards are more sporty than unitards and are more androgynous than other contemporary styles, which compliments the dancer while allowing an audience to focus on the performer themselves.

Check out Kylan Wagner sporting a darker red biketard while leaping in front of a restaurant.

Here he is again, this time posing in the middle of the street in a black tank-style biketard.

Here’s Brian Hooper in his!

Cool scenery

If you couldn’t tell by just about every photo in the article, one of the biggest trends we’re seeing is contemporary dancers posing in front of cool stuff.

So I’ll leave you with Lilian Grace Edwards posing in front of donuts, because contemporary.

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