Styles of clothing are constantly changing in the hip hop world, and we love the diversity it brings! Here are some hip-hop clothing trends we are seeing right now, featuring our #WODDX18 Ambassadors and NBC World of Dance Season 2 Winners!

90’s Throwback

The 90’s are back! All of our favorite clothing from decades past are back, including overalls, bandanas, bright colors, baggy shirts, crop tops, backwards hats, windbreakers, denim from head-to-toe, and sneakers.

Here’s Whitney Jones rocking a bandana and overalls:

90’s are in full effect here, Bailey Sok is sporting a Nirvana patch on her denim jacket.

Bright colors

A great way to make your hip-hop performance stand out is to dress in bright colors.

See this color-full wardrobe worn by The Lab at the NBC World of Dance Season 2 World Finals during their first winning performance of the evening:

Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans have been popular since the 50’s, and they aren’t going away anytime soon.

Jon Lukac’s jeans caught our eyes (not to mention his smooth gliding along the Walk of Fame in Hollywood).Ā  We’re loving the colors and patches!

Auseyana Marie paired her distressed jeans with some fun tights underneath.


Another classic, camouflage is all over Instagram as an ever-popular hip-hop style.

Check out Olivia Rush’s style, sporting camo leggings:

Noah Epps rocked camouflage during his solo this August in the World of Dance World Championships as he performed his solo.

Bold prints

Bright prints are bold, catch the eye, and are a fun way for dancers to showcase their fun, creative side.

Alyson Stoner looks amazing in her bold printed pants in her music video to her song “Who Do You Love.”Ā  Below is her official dance video, can you spot the World of Dance DX Ambassadors dancing with her?

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