Tappers let their shoes tell the story for them, and we are loving the different styles and colors we’re seeing online, in workshops, and on-stage!  Whether dancers get them custom-made or customize their shoes themselves, the individuality of colorful tap shoes allow tappers to tap to the beat of their own drum and help them tell their story.

Classic oxfords are reminiscent of Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor dancing together on an MGM soundstage.  With so many companies offering completely customizable shoes, it would be hard to pick just one pair of shoes!

Here’s Chloe Arnold tapping in her oxfords in classic black and white tap shoes.

and Jared Grimes, in black and silver oxfords.

Some dancers can’t buy exactly what they want, so they make it!  Using paint, rhinestones, and whatever else they can find in a craft store or junk drawer, they’re able to create their pair of dream shoes.

Ayden Nelson took her only pair of tap shoes and painted them hot pink.

She added rhinestones, which even when tapping in the shadows they still shine.

These dancers couldn’t pick one color, so they picked all of them! Their tap shoes are each painted differently, and we’re loving the rainbow theme.

This dancer went for a street/hip-hop look, so she painted hers to look like tennis shoes.

We’re hoping Elvis Presley would be proud to know that blue suede tap shoes are super trendy right now!


Here’s some blue suede shoes in action.

Shiny metallic shoes definitely give a “wow” factor up on stages.  With floors normally being black, they definitely stand out!

We spotted Kyle Van Newkirk tapping in his bright gold tap shoes at #WODBAY18

Here he is again, this time in silver tap shoes at #WODHTOWN18.

Some tappers have expanded beyond shoes in general. Riley Skworoda’s purple tap boots are stylish and unique.

Rahul Dlima’s work-style boots look awesome, and add a completely different style element than the traditional tap shoe styles we’re used to seeing.

Last but not least, these shoes are definitely a favorite (at least for this WOD contributor!) Naomi Funaki wears these mixed media, vintage/distressed-style shoes that showcase a history she definitely has with these shoes!

Here she is tapping a quick combo with a friend in them, who also has some great customized vintage-style shoes herself!

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