When stepping out onto the World of Dance stage, every contestant wants to be remembered. They want to make their mark in the dance universe and strut their stuff having proved that they are the best at what they do. Season 2 contestant Victoria Caban did just that, leaving America in awe of her fierce Flamenco footwork and Puerto Rican pride.

Hailing from Jersey City, NJ, fifteen year old Flamenco dancer Victoria found herself standing in shock, tears running down her face when she when she found out that she would be on World of Dance. Having studied dance for 6 years, Victoria draws her inspiration from the Puerto Rican Queen herself, Jennifer Lopez.

When I was a little girl I used to push my couches out the way in the living room, turn the TV on and play every single music video Jennifer had, trying to imitate her movement.” A past time that paid off during the show, when JLo watched Victoria walk on stage and exclaimed “Don’t mess with a strong Latina woman!”

Making it all the way to The Cut round, Victoria loved every moment of performing on the WOD stage. There was no moment that was my least favorite, because this was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Everything happens for a reason.” 

Tapping into her Puerto Rican blood, Victoria decided to compete with Flamenco dance because she “wanted to show the judges something they [had] never seen before.” She fused traditional Flamenco moves with modern hip-hop isolations to create a cultural spectacle that wowed the judges and stole the hearts of America.

My goal was to make a mark. I wanted to show the world what I have to offer and what I represent through my dancing. I represent my culture, my heritage, and I always dedicate all my hard work to my beautiful country. Puerto Rico, this one’s for you”

And make a mark she did. After getting used to being recognized by strangers in airports and malls, Victoria has dialed her focus into working on rounding out her talent. She dreams to be a triple threat in the industry, studying dance, choreography and vocals in all of her spare time.

And as she continues to inspire young dancers from all around the world, we will always remember Victoria Caban and her beautiful Puerto Rican pride.

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