World of Dance executive producer and judge Jennifer Lopez never forgot where she got her start in show biz: dancing as a Fly Girl for In Living Color. It’s why she decided to take to the judge’s table for the new show, and it’s why she likes to show off her moves whenever she can.

“I love dance such at a core level, and I always consider myself a dancer first because I became a singer and an actress after. That was my first form of artistic expression. It’s so part of who I am,” Lopez said at a press event in Beverly Hills, adding that the show “reminded me of all the reasons why I love dance and why I wanted to do this in the first place.”

During a recent visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon she got to show off her skills and school Jimmy in an old-school dance battle with some, well, interesting prompts. From “the washing machine spin cycle” to the “hot cowboy,” J-Lo and Jimmy gave their most to the game. Take a look to see what went down.

To see more of J-Lo, tune into NBC’s World of Dance May 30th at 10/9 central to see the world’s best dancers battle it out for a whopping $1 million prize.

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