This week marks the first night of The Cut, where the five remaining acts within each division compete for two spots in the next round on NBC’s World of Dance. In this episode we got to see each act from the junior division perform, as well as some of the teams perform, and more than half are eliminated this round. Still catching up on the duels? Here’s last week’s performances

Celebrity judges Jennifer LopezNe-YoDerek Hough, and host/mentor Jenna Dewan Tatum are joined this round by Misty Copeland, who brings an additional level of expertise and unique classical perspective to the judge’s table. As in all previous rounds, acts are judged individually in 5 categories, but only the top two scores in each division moves to the division final.

Junior Division

Jennifer Lopez personally mentored each act in the junior division to get a sneak peek of their performances as well as provide feedback, guidance, advice, and support.

Diana Pombo 

Dianna knew that this round would require everything she had, from technique to choreography to emotion. J-Lo shared some meaningful advice on truly showing a multidimensional piece, and Dianna delivered. In addition to many accolades from the judges, Misty Copeland shared some advice from her classical background for the young dancer. 

Final score = 92


Immabeast came to the competition ready to prove all they have to offer. “We don’t want this journey to stop,” one mentioned. Jennifer Lopez gave them guidance on how to best bring their ultimate performance to the stage. Their performance was high-energy and dynamic and had the audience and judges entertained.

Final score = 84.2

The Mihacevich Sisters 

This week the Mihacevich Sisters wanted to bring American into their home in a more intimate performance. According to Derek Hough, it was their best performance so far. They played off their relationship as sisters (which is one of their greatest attributes J-Lo mentioned), but celebrated their individuality as well. 

Final score = 85.5

The Lab 

Drawing inspiration from the hip hop legends who laid the groundwork for their preferred style, The Lab brought their energy and passion to the stage. Named one of the cleanest groups, their performance was high-energy and extremely clean, according to the judges. 

Final score = 86

Eva Igo 

Eva worked closely with Jennifer Lopez to bridge the gap between her technical choreography and her emotions. As a young dancer, Eva struggles with facing and showing emotions, but using a cloak to represent her insecurities, she brought an emotionally vulnerable performance which moved the judges. 

Final score = 92.5

As the two highest scores, Eva Igo and Diana Pombo will go go head to head in division finals.  “[They are] two powerhouses, I cant wait to see this,” says Jenna Dewan Tatum.

Team Divison

Wrapping up the episode were the first two acts from the team division, mentored by Ne-Yo.

Swing Latino 

Swing Latino wanted to transport their audience to a street party in Colombia. While Derek mentioned he missed the sparkles, their performance delivered everything we’ve come to expect from this group. They showed off their amazing tricks and technical, fast, and clean footwork. “I felt like I was back in Colombia,” says Misty. 

Final score = 92.5

Super Cr3w 

For a B-Boy crew, you might not expect an emotional and risky performance, but that’s exactly what Super Cr3w gave us. Drawing inspiration from experiences over the years, including the losses of loved ones, they knew they had to bring something they’d never done before if they were going to move to the next round of the competition. Their performance had Derek Hough on his feet, and Misty spoke of the respect she had for their powerful performance. 

Final score = 88.8

The Cut continues next week on NBC’s World of Dance as the remaining acts in the team division perform, as well as the entire upper division. Only two acts from each of the three divisions move to the division finals. Tune in Tuesdays at 10/9 central to NBC’s World of Dance as the world’s best dancers battle it out for a $1 million prize. Don’t miss exclusive interviews, performances, and more from the definitive source for all things NBC World of Dance.