In this week’s episode of NBC’s World of Dance, six acts entered the Division Finals, but only three can compete in the World Finals for the $1 million prize. Still catching up on The Cut? Here’s the episode and performance recaps. Watch this week’s full episode, and check the performances and recaps below.

Team Divisional Finals: Kinjaz vs. Swing Latino


The Kinjaz came to the Divisional Finals knowing they have to bring everything they have. But can they outshine Swing Latino’s energy? Mentor and judge Jennifer Lopez advised they create an impact, and to do so, Kinjaz dedicated their piece to their families. Their performance was emotional and powerful, and still maintained the precision and power they’ve shown throughout the competition.

Final score = 92.3

Swing Latino 

Swing Latino worked with Jennifer Lopez this week to create a next-level concept to represent their dynamic Latin cultures. They opened their piece with flags from a variety of countries, and delivered their trademark tricks and fast footwork, which earned them a standing ovation from the celebrity judges. 

Final score = 94.7

Upper Divisional Finals: Keone & Mari vs. Les Twins

Keone & Mari 

Performing to the song that was their first dance at their wedding, Keone & Mari continued to bring the audience and judges along with them in their relationship. They paired their style with a classic song and staging to create a unique performance that brought the audience on a journey, earning them the first 100 point score from Ne-Yo.

Final score = 95

Les Twins 

With one of the twins recovering from a serious injury, Les Twins had a huge challenge to overcome. Fortunately they incorporated the limitation into their choreography while still delivering a narrative and wowed the judges with their musicality.

Final score = 97.7

Junior Divisional Finals: Diana Pombo vs. Eva Igo

Diana Pombo

Diana, at only age 11, knew that she needed to leave everything she had on the stage. Her piece was inspired by her job of dance and youthful expression of her art. Her goal was to show the world why she dances, and she did. The “Alice in Wonderland”-themed piece had whimsy and showcased her strength and flexibility.

Final score = 89.3

Eva Igo

Eva came into this round of the competition with a newfound confidence in herself. While her technique and performance brought her as far as it did, early on in the competition the judges thought she had a missing element from her pieces. This week Eva showed a power we hadn’t seen before in this competition and wowed the judges and audience.

Final score = 96.7

Don’t miss the World Finals on NBC’s World of Dance next Tuesday at 10/9 central. Eva Igo, Les Twins, and Swing Latino all head into this last round of the competition, but only one can win the $1 million prize. Don’t miss exclusive interviews, performances, and more from the definitive source for all things World of Dance.

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