After 9 episodes and performances from 47 acts, we finally made it to the NBC’s World of Dance World Final. The top acts from each division competed against each other for the first time to see who would win the $1 million prize.

Each act performed twice. Once to a song selected by one of the celebrity judges, and the other to a song of their choosing. The average of their two scores determines the final winner, and it came down to tenths of a point.

Les Twins—Judge’s Song Pick

Les Twins kicked off performances for the finale ready to “do it and destroy the whole place.” Celebrity judge Jennifer Lopez mentored the duo, who gave them a little tough love about last week’s injury advising they push through for the competition. J-Lo chose “Stole the Show” by Kygo to inspire an emotional performance from the brothers.

Their performance combined drama and emotion with their trademark dynamic movements. They paired their quick and energetic energy with moments of more intricate but meaningful choreography. Derek Hough called the performance beautiful, and Ne-Yo complimented their emotion and artistry.

Judge’s song pick score = 93

Swing Latino—Judge’s Song Pick

Swing Latino shared the emotional journey coming all the way from Cali, Colombia and what winning the $1 million prize would mean to them. They were paired with Derek Hough, whose ballroom experience made him an ideal mentor for the group, he even joined in a few times. He chose Gloria Estefan’s “Conga” for the group to show off their energy and skills.

Even with one of their members, Steve, out with a broken ankle, the group had an amazing performance. They used a ramp to add levels and dimension to their performance, and their tricks had the judges on the edge of their seats. While their performance could have been cleaner, they showcased all the reasons they’ve made it this far in the competition. “You can feel the happiness your have to be here, and it’s a beautiful thing,” said Jennifer Lopez.

Judge’s song pick score = 91.7

Eva Igo—Judge’s Song Pick

The winner of the junior division, Eva Igo has grown up before our eyes during this competition. While she was scared when she first stepped on the stage and wasn’t confident she’d make it through the first round, she’s not only expanded her dance skills, she learned to believe in herself. Ne-Yo selected a song outside of her typical style to help push the young dancer. “Les Twins and Swing Latino should be afraid,” he said.

Eva hit the stage wanting the judges to feel her story, and she accomplished just that. She allowed herself to trust her abilities. Derek called her the whole package, and J-Lo noted that she became an artist over the course of the competition.

Judge’s song pick score = 91

Eva Igo—Final Performance

Eva called World of Dance a dream she doesn’t want to wake up from. Her final performance told the story of her transformation and preservation through the competition. The judges loved her choreography and story she told and called her performance beautiful, exceptional, and ferocious. When asked what she’d do with the prize, she emotionally revealed she wants to help her family since the cost of traveling to and attending classes and competitions really adds up.

Final performance score = 96.3

Average combined final score = 93.7

Swing Latino—Final Performance

Swing Latino saved the best for last, knowing they had to give it their all at any cost. They again used of levels on the stage and incorporated chairs into their performance. They came out decked in their signature sequins. The judges called their performance nerve wracking and entertaining at the same time. They were clean, showed the level of difficulty and mastery of their art, and they gave their best.

Final performance score = 94.7

Average combined final score = 93.6

Les Twins—Final Performance

As they hit the stage for the last time, the twins couldn’t wait to show that they are about, but felt nerves from the competition as well. They talked with their mom in France (who they plan to spend a lot of their prize money on if they win) for a pep talk before the show, and they’re determined to “kill it.” They truly brought out all the stops with a dynamic performance and used mirrors to help tell their story. Their iconic (and risky) music choice impressed the judges and their performance was their best of the competition.

Final performance score = 94.7

Average combined final score = 93.8

Congrats to NBC’s World of Dance Winners: Les Twins!

This season may be done, but Season 2 of NBC’s World of Dance is already on the books. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. World of Dance continues to be your destination for exclusive interviews, up-to-date news, and celebrating all things dance.

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