In this week’s episode, the Duels continued, where contestants go head-to-head and only the one with the highest score will advance to the next round. With half of the acts being cut this round, and the eliminations coming down to less than a point, the competition is fiercer than ever.

From epic battles to shocking eliminations and the first ever perfect score, this episode is packed with action. Want to see who made it through the Duels last week? Catch up here.

Watch this week’s full episode to see Jenna Dewan mentoring the acts and the celebrity judges’ (Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo) take on the contestants.

The Lab vs. LilKillaz Crew | Junior Team

The Lab

The Lab came to this round of the competition ready to show no mercy and leave everything on the stage. Their performance had a hint of a Kinjaz feel to it, but was 100% The Lab. They showcased their tricks, cleanliness, synchronicity, and creativity and wowed the judges with their performance.

Final score = 95

LilKillaz Crew

The LilKillaz Crew came to this round of the competition ready to go head to head, knowing only one crew could move forward in the competition. They showed bboy tricks unlike anything we’ve seen before, while highlighting their synchronicity and musicality.

Final score = 85.7

Winner: The Lab

Elektro Botz vs. Alisa & Joseph | Upper

Alisa & Joseph

Alisa and Joseph came onto the stage ready to battle it out and show the judges everything they have. They paired their urban dance choreography with a track from Ne-Yo, giving the judges an expected performance, but the judges noted that neither group pushed the envelope too much for the Duels.

Final score = 87.7

Elektro Botz

With a video game theme for this performance, the Botz came to level up for the Duels. Their performance was clean and innovative, showcasing their unparalleled creativity and control. Even before the judges input their scores, they knew this match would cut it close.

Final score = 87

Winner: Alisa & Joseph

Desi Hoppers vs. Opus Dance Collective | Upper Team

Opus Dance Collective

This contemporary crew came to this round of the competition with a lot of potential and aiming to knock out the “top dog” in their division, the highest ranking crew the Desi Hoppers. Their performance had beautiful moments and showcased their technique, but according to the judges, it didn’t take their breath away, and ultimately fell short of their potential.

Final score = 83.3

Desi Hoppers

As Jenna called it, this duel was the essence of studio vs. street, where the Desi Hoppers are self trained, they came to this round of the competition to be true to their unique style, but bring it to the next level. Their performance was a creative, cheeky, and fun mix of Bollywood and hip hop, showcasing their unique lifts and tricks.

Final score = 90.3

Winner: Desi Hoppers

Sean & Kaycee vs. 3 Xtreme | Junior

3 Xtreme

Confident ready to fight, 3 Xtreme brought their high energy and tricks to the stage, showcasing their musicality and hip hop technique. They made it clear how seriously they take the competition when they called out their competitor’s Sean and Kaycee with a blindfold (as a nod to their Qualifying performance).

Final score = 87

Sean & Kaycee

These technical power houses’ performance from the last round of the competition was so moving, they brought J-Lo to tears and earned the top score in their division. This performance had a very different feel, with more isolations and intricacy to show off their musicality and control.

Final score = 93.3

Winner: Sean & Kaycee  

Royal Flux vs. Lock N Lol | Upper Team

Royal Flux

After one of their members suffered a broken foot hours only before performing in the last round, the crew was ready to come back and bring their performance to the next level. They paired their signature lifts with emotions and movement showcasing the obstacles and triumphs one faces through life, wowing the judges with their performance. 

Final score = 88.3

Lock N Lol

Known for their old school locking, Lock N Lol were faced with the need to increase their entertainment value, and they delivered. Their unexpected music choice paired with their isolations, control, and musicality combined to create a unique and incredible performance that the judges loved.

Final score = 89.3

Winner: Lock N Lol

Marinspired vs. Dragon House


Using this platform to speak out against the violence that’s prevalent in our country today, this performance was dedicated to a 14 year old victim of the Parkland shooting who was also a dancer and shared a choreographer with Marinspired. Their raw and inspiring performance was a beautiful tribute to her, and showcased their technique, strength, and ability to reach the audience on an emotional level.

Final score = 86.7

Dragon House  

After gaining a score that barely passed them through the Qualifiers, Dragon House came to the Duels ready to show the judges the best they can be. They worked non-stop and came to the stage ready to battle, treating this as the once in a lifetime opportunity that it is. Their performance was cleaner and showcased much more control.

Final score = 86.3

Winner: Marinspired

Charity & Andres vs. Vivian Ruiz | Junior

Vivian Ruiz

Vivian Ruiz came to the stage ready to leave every ounce of emotion and vulnerability with her performance. Not only did she do that, her performance highlighted her incredible lines, strength, and technique. The judges were incredibly moved and impressed by her performance.

Final score = 95.7

Charity & Andres

Charity and Andres came to the stage full of power ready to showcase their strength, grace, and technique. They showed unique tricks and lifts unlike anything we’ve seen hit the stage, earning them the first ever perfect score in the competition.

Final score = 100

Winner: Charity & Andres

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